Monday, February 1, 2016

January Reads

     January was a pretty good reading month for me as I managed to get in 10 books.  Four of these ten books were really good 4+ star reads for me and only one of the books was just ho-hum. Not a bad month!
     I read about 4 less books this January than I did in January of 2015 which is all part of my plan for the year.  As mentioned in a previous post, my plan is to slow down my reading this year and enjoy it more instead of trying to hit some number goal and rushing through books.

Here’s what I read last month:

1) Star of Fortune by Nora Roberts: first in a new trilogy and quite a bit more magical than she usually does-4/5 stars

2)  PuckedUp by Helena Hunting: #2 in the Pucked series and just as lovable and hilarious-3.5/5 stars

3)PuckedOver by Helena Hunting: see my review here-4.5/5   
     *first check off of my Reading Challenge for this year   
                    for a book published in 2016

*any excuse to use this pic

4)  DirtyEnglish by Ilsa Madden-Mills: just an ok read for me as it wasn’t what I thought it would be and reminded me of another book I had read before-3/5 stars

5)  Friction by Sawyer Bennett: my lowest rating for the month-if you are looking for lawyer romance/sexy try Emma Chase instead-2.5/5 stars

6)  Landline by Rainbow Rowell: interesting read, see my full review here-3/5 stars

7)  TheWoods by Harlan Coben: one of my favorite authors who NEVER disappoints-4/5 stars

8)  NeanderthalSeeks Human by Penny Reid: read my full review here-3.5/5 stars

9)  HeatExchange by Shannon Stacey: review to come!

10)  ThePassenger by Lisa Lutz: another of my favorite authors-review to come!

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