Friday, January 22, 2016

Landline by Rainbow Rowell

I’m a little late to this show but I don’t buy hardbacks or new e-books when first released based solely on other peoples’ recommendations-I’m cheap, sorry.  So I wait for the paperback to come out or buy it used just in case it one of those Everyone-Loves-It-But-I-Sorta-Hate-It books. This book is definitely different but I love when an author comes up with a new concept and twist for a storyline.  Landline definitely does that!

Summary from Amazon:


As far as time machines go, a magic telephone is pretty useless.

TV writer Georgie McCool can't actually visit the past -- all she can do is call it, and hope it picks up.

And hope he picks up.

Because once Georgie realizes she has a magic phone that calls into the past, all she wants to do is make things right with her husband, Neal.

Maybe she can fix the things in their past that seem unfixable in the present. Maybe this stupid phone is giving her a chance to start over ...

Does Georgie want to start over?

Landline asks if two people are ever truly on the same path, or whether love just means finding someone who will keep meeting you halfway, no matter where you end up.”

Georgie and Neal love each other but if one is absent from the relationship most of the time and the other is miserable, can it last? Georgie gets a taste of what it feel like to possibly lose that relationship and her “magical” phone helps her to realize her mistakes. 

I can definitely say that this book was unusual but I actually really enjoyed the concept.  The thought that you can get a second chance and that even though you love someone you still have to work at it every day to make it last is one that most people don’t seem to realize anymore. 
Landline was one of those books that I finished and then had to contemplate it for a few days afterwards to decide how I really felt about it.  My only was that the ending just sort of happened-just *BAM* it’s over-so I didn’t really get a feeling of closure (which I sort of hate in a book).  There was never any real explanation of the phone so I feel that most of it was all in Georgie’s head and was a way for her to deal with what was going on. 

All in all this was a very good read and I enjoyed the characters and how they dealt with their feelings and relationships.  I just wish that there had been….well, more.

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