Monday, October 24, 2016

The Good, the Bad, and the Guacamole by Rebecca Adler


Summary from Amazon:

     Tourists are pouring into the town of Broken Boot for the annual Homestead Days Music Festival. Opening the celebration at Two Boots dance hall is smooth-talking country singer Jeff Clark, the ex-boyfriend of Josie’s best friend, Patti Perez. When the charming Clark woos Patti onstage in an attempt to rekindle some sparks with his old flame, Josie fears her friend will end up as just one more notch on the singer’s guitar strap.

     To impress her editor at the Broken Boot Bugle, Josie and her Chihuahua, Lenny, pursue the singer to Patti’s house, hoping for an interview. Instead, they discover Clark facedown in a bowl of guacamole with a bloodied guitar at his side. With Patti suddenly a murder suspect, Josie must use her reporter skills to find out who had a chip on their shoulder—before the killer double dips....

My Thoughts:

     Josie Callahan is back in the small west Texas town she grew up in after a bad breakup.  She is waiting tables at her family’s restaurant, Milagro, and also working part time at Broken Boot, Texas’ only newspaper.  To help drum up business now that things are slow around the restaurant and bar Josie’s aunt & uncle are putting on a singer/songwriter’s contest during the local Homestead Days.  They’ve also invited so up and coming Texas artists to come perform at night.  One of these bands has a lead singer who is very popular with the ladies and just so happens to be Josie’s best friend’s ex.
     When Patti, Josie’s bf, gets together to catch up with her ex and ends up letting him crash on her couch-he turns up dead!?!?! Of course, Patti is suspect number one and of course, Josie must investigate to help free her friend.  Using her journalist job to not only write a great story but to also help further the investigation, Josie embarks on an interesting ride through small town life to find out what really happened.
     This is the second installment in Adler’s Taste of Texas Mystery series but the first that I have personally read.  I think that missing the first book may be why, but I did find the first chapter or two a bit choppy and without good flow.  I was a bit confused with some of the characters (it took 2 pages for me to figure out Lenny is a dog?!) but after those initial bumps I really enjoyed this light, cozy mystery.
     I found the characters fun, kooky and amusing especially Senora Mari/Abuela.  Josie is a great main character with plenty of spunk, smarts, and independence.  I really enjoyed her relationships with her parents and the nosy characters around her small town.  I also enjoyed the small town atmosphere and completely understood the relationships there as I am a small town girl myself.
     Overall, once I got past the first few chapters and figured out the who’s and what’s, this was an enjoyable cozy mystery.  I would recommend this to any reader who is looking for a new cozy mystery series!
4/5 stars

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