Monday, October 10, 2016

Pucked Under by Helena Hunting

 Summary from Amazon:

Randy Ballistic and Lily LeBlanc are head-over-heels, bed-breakingly, screaming orgasmically in love. But even they have their challenges, mostly outside of the bedroom.

With the off-season coming to a close and the boys gearing up for training camp, one more weekend of fun is the perfect way to welcome the new season.

The entire crew piles into vehicles and drives to Alex and Violet’s Chicago cottage for a few days of relaxation―and hopefully a chance for Randy to shake the anxiety that’s been plaguing him.

Accidental wardrobe malfunctions, typical Violet inspired overshares, and a whole lot of private time round out the perfect weekend getaway.

But the moment they return to the city all of Randy’s angst resurfaces with the arrival…


My Thoughts:

     Randy and Lily are in a really great place in their relationship and their lives as a whole.  Randy is about to start his second season with Chicago’s NHL team, Lily’s getting a lot of new clients in her coaching/teaching at the skating rink and they are happily living together with all of their best friends close by .  One last fun filled weekend at the lake with all their best pals seems like the perfect way to end the off season.  Everything is great but with the new season looming on the horizon, Randy is feeling a bit clinging and worried about how their relationship will weather the storm of being apart. 

     To make things even more intense Randy Sr. decides this would be a great time to crash at his son’s house…again.  Randy and Lily come home from their great weekend to find a mess in the house and a drunk, dead-beat dad on the couch, passed out.  Tensions are high and with Senior’s foulmouthed opinions being flung at him, Randy is unsure of how he can be all that Lily needs him to be…can he still keep his career and be happy?

     First of all, I love this series.  The characters are crazy, wild and foulmouthed but they are real and Ms. Hunting gives them real problems and anxieties that we all deal with in life and relationships.  Secondly, Randy and Lily are my faves! Tough, feisty, sweet and insecure this couple is so much fun to read about.  They aren’t as crazy as Violet and Alex but for some reason they hold a special place with me.

     I was so glad to hear that Randy and Lily would be back with their own book! I had no idea what would be going on with them as they seemed to be in a perfect place in their lives but of course, nothing is perfect.  Randy struggles so hard trying to not be his dad and make his same mistakes that he doesn’t realize that he is nothing like him; they may look a lot alike but that’s where it ends.  Lily is so heartbroken to see him struggle with this but she is also scared that she will lose him because he fears hurting her so very much.  Their fears and worries are very real and relatable-you will fall for and root for this couple all over again!

4.5/5 stars
*I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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