Monday, August 22, 2016

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

     In this thriller we meet Laura ‘Lo’ Blacklock, a travel journalist, on a night when she is alone in her apartment and about to be robbed.  In the middle of the night she is awoken by sounds in her apartment and when she goes to investigate she is locked inside her bedroom by the criminal. 

     Lo is about to leave for an assignment of a lifetime on a week-long cruise on a luxury ship for its maiden voyage which will help not only her career but also boost advertisement for the ship.     Lo is one of only a small handful of journalists and potential investors to get this privilege so even though she is traumatized by the robbery she insists on leaving for the trip the next day.  

     Once onboard Lo is overwhelmed by the luxury of the boat, the food and some of the people; unfortunately, the glamour does not last.  The first night on the ship, Lo is again awakened in the middle of the night but this time by a scream and a very loud splash.  She runs to look out and swears she sees a woman that was thrown overboard but when she sounds the alarm, all passengers have been accounted for so everyone seems to think she is imagining things.  Can Lo convince someone to look into this without losing her own mind or life?

My Thoughts:

     Wow, this book.  It has been a long time since a book was a real page turner for me but this one definitely was!   “You want dinner? Why? I need to read this book.”   “You want me to come to work? NO-I must read this book!”   I also said “holy crap” A LOT while reading this…there are so many twists and turns that with every turn of the page you won’t know what to expect. 

   Lo is a great main character and Ms. Ware is such an excellent writer that when Lo’s anxiety or claustrophobia kicked in-I felt it too.  There were several times in this story that I found myself not breathing or breathing too quickly right along he Ms. Blacklock because things were just that intense and vivid for the reader. 

     For those who like a twisting, intense thriller such as The Girl On the Train you will like The Woman in Cabin 10 more.  In TGOTT I never really liked the main character so it was hard to root for her so I wasn’t as invested nor did I enjoy the story as much as I did with this one.  Lo has her issues and sometimes I doubted her sanity right along with everyone else but I liked her and wanted her to be right.  It makes a big difference to me as a reader to like the main character and be able to root for her.  I am also still sitting here hours later contemplating the ending…wow, just wow!

5/5 stars
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