Thursday, August 11, 2016

The 2016 Reading Challenge OOPSY!?!?

     It has recently come to my attention that I totally forgot about my Reading Challenge for this year…oopsy!  If you look back you will see that my plan was to get away from the challenge of an amount of books to try to read and try to slow down and try different genres.  I went looking for a new type of challenge to help me enjoy reading more and to stop my hurrying through to hit a number.  Enter the lovely Modern Mrs. Darcy 2016 challenge! +Anne Bogel 


     I love MMD and I want to be her when I grow up even though she is younger than me-it’s a goal of mine, so shush!  We are very similar in personality it seems but with a slightly different taste in books.  She has a wide varying taste in books and so I always find something new from her.  Not only does she have a blog, she also has a weekly podcast, and she started a summer book club this year!  I sadly couldn’t join due to not having enough time-I was VERY upset. L

  Anyway enough gushing and fangirling, back to my reading challenge or lack thereof.  I got the first three ticked off the challenge list (published this year, finish in a day, and been meaning to read-LOTS of those) but after that I got stuck.  I would like to say it is because once I got to the Recommended by your librarian or bookseller one I was at a loss…we have no library and I am introverted enough that I NEVER talk to the employees at Barnes & Noble, which is nearly an hour away so I don’t go often. This is just a lame, but true, excuse.
   When I got MMD’s post emailed to me on August 4th about how this month’s challenge was to read a banned book the lightbulb went off! Yep, totally forgot about my vow to try new stuff and do this challenge…ugh.  August’s challenge is to read a book that was banned at some point and she has a list of suggestions on her website.  I have read several on the list all ready but I want to pick one I haven’t read before because that would defeat my purpose.   I haven’t decided which one I am going to read but I’m leaning towards Of Mice and Men as I never read it in school and my daughter did last year and loved it.
     I have less than three weeks to decide and read it so surely I can do that, right? I am hoping that things will slow down a bit as we have been really busy…doing what I don’t know but busy all the same…and I can get back on track with my 2016 challenge.  In a perfect world I will even have time to go back and do the ones I missed! Not holding my breath…

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