Thursday, August 18, 2016

Missing, Presumed by Susie Steiner

     Manon Bradshaw is a thirty-nine-year-old, single detective with the Cambridgeshire police force in England.  She is very good at her job but not so great at the whole personal life/relationship thing.  She has distanced herself from her father due to his controlling new wife and lost touch with her only sister after a fight over said step-mother. 

     After several disastrous internet dating attempts, she is tempted to give up all together on the idea and soothes herself to sleep by listening to her police radio.  This is when she hears the call for a missing person’s report and possible crime scene. 

     Missing is Edith Hind, an attractive twenty-something Cambridge student and daughter of a rather prominent family with ties to the Royal Family.  Edith’s live-in boyfriend comes home from a weekend away to find their door wide open and blood on the floor. 

     Investigation begins immediately and as it does many secrets are revealed not only about Edith but about those around her as well.  Edith may have had a double life and some of her associates have alibis that cannot be completely substantiated.  Manon must figure out those missing pieces and as fast as possible in the hopes that Edith is still alive somewhere.

     Manon Bradshaw is a lonely, sad but very real character that I enjoyed greatly.  She is smart, witty and very good at her job.  She is afraid to feel for others but cannot seem to help it at the same time…I think we have all felt this way at one point in our lives.  I dare you not to fall for and root for this woman!

     This story is very cleverly written and the characters are all unique yet relatable.  The chapters’ perspectives jump around giving you different points of views of the story from Manon, Edith’s mother Miriam, Manon’s partner Davy and a few more so that you get to see the story unfold from nearly every perspective.  This keeps things even interesting and fresh but doesn’t bog the story down like you would expect.

     I think that this book would be a great first book in a series although there doesn’t seem to be any mention of Manon’s story going any further.  If you enjoy a good British mystery or any type of mystery with a great female detective you need to read Missing, Presumed.

4.5/5 stars



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