Monday, January 18, 2016

Authors I One-Click

     I am a rabid Amazon customer so the invention of the One-Click button is both a blessing and a curse.  Amazing because I can just order a book easily without entering all my info again and again but it’s bad because it makes my instant gratification bookworm waaaaaay too happy!
            To avoid the overzealous clicking of that lovely button and putting myself into massive debt via Amazon I just put everything I’m interested in reading onto my WishList so that I can think about it for a while and come back to it later if I decide the book is worth it.  My husband seemed shocked to learn that I have around 300 books on my WishList on Amazon and that I also have over 60 books currently sitting in my To Be Read piles that I’ve already purchased-it’s like he doesn’t even know me! 
            Anyway, all of that was to get to this point-there are some authors that I don’t even WishList because to me they are an automatic One-Click must have. 
Here are the authors that over the last few years or so have become the purchases I don’t even have to think twice about-ALWAYS worth it:

HarlanCoben:  I discovered his book several years ago through an online book club and have read almost all of his books now.  These are mystery/thriller type books but always good for a few giggles as well.  Mr. Coben is hilarious and always keeps me guessing!  He has a new stand-alone coming out in March (Fool Me Once) that I’m pre-ordering with my gift cards from Christmas but I will always have a special place in my bookworm heart for his Myron Bolitar series.

ChristinaLauren:  Two female friends writing funny, sexy books together-had to try it and I did and instantly fell in love.  Their Beautiful Series is my fave (MaxStella = swoon) but I also really enjoyed their Wild Seasons series which I believe, is concluding next month with Wicked Sexy Liar.

DianaGalbaldon:  I am late to the Outlander fandom as the first book came out in 1993 and I only ever heard about and read it in 2014 when I started seeing advertisements for the show (when it says “based on the bestselling novel” I have to read the book first).  I haven’t read #8 in the series yet (Written in My Heart’s Own Blood) because who knows when #9 is coming out and I’m trying to make the wait not quite as painfully long. Plus, Jamie Fraser...

New-to-me authors that have just recently become One-Clickers:

HelenaHunting: See my review of Pucked Over-Holy Moses, these books are great! Quirky, funny, sexy characters that you cannot miss out on! Even if you are not a sports or hockey fan you will love these books because they characters are relatable and so great!

MelanieHarlow: You must read the Frenched series! Again funny and sexy characters from a storyteller that makes you feel like you are right there in the story yourself.  You don’t have to read the books in order but I highly suggest it so that you have the back stories to all the characters and then you can move on to her Some Sort Of series which is also really well written.

Any readers out there with “One-Click Authors”? I am always looking for suggestions for new authors!

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