Monday, January 25, 2016

In a Rut…

     When contemplating my New Year Reading Challenge I knew that I wanted to do something different this year and just my usual number challenge.  I wanted to slow down, enjoy my reading more and also to expand my horizons a bit.
     My main problem is that I go through reading phases i.e. I read one genre of books almost exclusively until I burn out or run out of good authors to read.  First, it was mysteries and thrillers. Then it was cozy mysteries and lately it has been romantic sexiness but now…I’m all “blah, nothing sounds good to read”.  So what’s a girl to do?
     Usually when I find myself in a rut I will read a biography or another type of non-fiction book and it helps knock me out of that book bunk and I can move on.  Problem is this time that I did that and here I am…still rutted. 
     Another thing I resolved to do regarding my book reading this year was to quit reading a book if I didn’t love it.  I might not be in the right mood for it and can come back later but I refuse to waste my precious reading time if I am not enthralled. I tried to start reading a book Friday (sexiness) but couldn’t get into so I gave up.  Then yesterday I tried a different one (YA) and STILL couldn’t get interested.  I've been itching to reread Outlander from the beginning.....maybe that will help, who knows!   

I guess at this point that I am going to keep trying different genres until something clicks for me and we’ll see what happens!

P.S. Sorry for the slightly depressing post but I think the Winter Blahs have affected my reading….

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