Thursday, May 26, 2016

Forgive me by Daniel Palmer

Summary from Amazon:

     At DeRose & Associates Private Investigators in Virginia, Angie DeRose strives to find and rescue endangered runaways--work that stands in stark contrast to her own safe, idyllic childhood. But in the wake of her mother's sudden death, Angie makes a life-altering discovery. Hidden among the mementos in her parents' attic is a photograph of a little girl, with a code and a hand-written message on the back: "May God forgive me."
     Angie has no idea what it means or how to explain other questionable items among her mother's possessions. Her father claims to know nothing. Could Angie have a sister or other relative she was never told about? Bryce Taggart, the US Marshal working with her agency, agrees to help Angie learn the fate of the girl in the photograph. But the lies she and Bryce unearth will bring her past and present together with terrifying force. And everything she cherishes will be threatened by the repercussions of one long-ago choice--and an enemy who will kill to keep a secret hidden forever.

My Thoughts:

     Angie DeRose lost one of her best friends, who was never found when she was in her early twenties.  This event helped Angie to decide to dedicate her life to helping others look for their lost children.  Her new agency is starting to really take off and with part time help from other investigators she is able to, just barely, tread water. 
     After getting a call from a desperate mother looking for her runaway, sixteen year old daughter, Angie is plunged into a world of sexual slavery and kidnapping.  On top of a personal tragedy and questions that pop up making her question her past, Angie is extremely busy and wondering how she can handle it all.
     Intrigued by the two storylines and how they would both be resolved but the route getting there was some times a bit slow paced and filled with just too much information.  Found myself getting confused with some of the characters and not remembering who they were at first.  I am a visual person and like to have a bit of a description of the characters physical appearance as well as their character-we don’t get much of that here so that may have led to my confusion here.
     I enjoyed this story but felt that at times the technical bits sometimes get too technical and dragged out.  Many pages were wasted explaining details that could have been summed up in half a page.  I also got a little confused as to what the main story was supposed to be.  At first, I thought the runaway storyline was the main and Angie’s personal family crisis was the subplot but as the book went on it suddenly reversed. 
     I think this would make a great first book in a series about Angie and her agency looking for and helping runaways as it has a lot of potential.  I do feel that some tweaking and streamlining is needed though.  In total, it is a well written thriller with a good, strong female lead that I would like to read and learn more about.
3/5 stars.

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