Monday, April 4, 2016

March 2016 Reads

     March was quite a month for me; fourteen books read in total and five were sent to me for free just to review for my little, ol’ blog!  This was a month of various types of books (still trying to branch out a bit) and various qualities as well. I only had one dud, several Just Okays, several Greats and one Perfect.

Check out this month’s list:

The Mechanic by Alexa Riley: This was my dud (2/5 stars)-it was all I could do to make myself finish it…thank goodness it was a short one.


Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly:  See my review here. Excellent historical fiction book.


Beautiful Boss by Christina Lauren: I love this series but this one might be my lowest rated of the whole bunch. L 3.5/5 stars


Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard: See my review here. Great start to a YA series.


Roomhate by Penelope Ward: I was hearing a lot of great things online about this book but it was just okay for me. 3/5 stars


Royal by Winter Renshaw: Another that everyone kept raving about but I was just “shmeh”.  3/5 stars

Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren: This was a re-read for me and is my second favorite in this series. 4/5 stars


Karma is a Killer by Tracy Weber: See my review here.  

Crave Me by Geneva Lee: The fourth installment in the Royal Saga with a new couple which was a nice change of pace as the first couple was growing stale for me.  3.5/5 stars


Felony Ever After by Various: See my review here.  Such a fun read and great idea!


When I’m Gone by Emily Bleeker: see my review here. Great little thriller!

Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan: Sweet book set in England about life’s upheavals and how it never seems to turn out like you expect.  4/5 stars


Forever Pucked by Helena Hunting: I was so excited to get an advanced copy as I love this series!  See my review here.


Clipped Wings by Helena Hunting: Helena’s first series which is also amazing but darker.  4/5 stars

     Stay tuned for April as I have several more advanced copies and new (to me anyway) authors sitting in my giant stack of books to read. Can’t wait!

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