Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley by Hannah Tinti

Summary from Good Reads:

     After years spent living on the run, Samuel Hawley moves with his teenage daughter, Loo, to Olympus, Massachusetts. There, in his late wife's hometown, Hawley finds work as a fisherman, while Loo struggles to fit in at school and grows curious about her mother's mysterious death. Haunting them both are twelve scars Hawley carries on his body, from twelve bullets in his criminal past; a past that eventually spills over into his daughter's present, until together they must face a reckoning yet to come. This father-daughter epic weaves back and forth through time and across America, from Alaska to the Adirondacks. 

My Thoughts:

     This is a very interesting book.   I couldn’t begin to guess what genre you would put this into or how to describe it.  The writing is very well done and I could picture things perfectly.   I could even smell the brine-y air of the sea and feel the loneliness and desperation of Hawley. 
     I didn’t connect with the characters in an I-can-understand-what-they-are-going-through way but I did like Loo and even Hawley.  I knew something terrible must have happened to Sam in order for him to force himself and Loo to live their lives like they did.  I feel very sorry for Loo having to live this restless life and not really knowing why and seeing how it affected her relationships or lack thereof.
     I am not sure how I feel about the ending and since I don’t like spoilers…just FYI: if you like your endings neat and tidy and all wrapped up, you might not be happy.   3/5 stars

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