Thursday, January 12, 2017

My 2017 Reading Challenge

     Well here we go again...another year and another attempt at a reading challenge!  I did horribly on my 2016 challenge where I was trying to not just do a numbers challenge (like Good Reads) but to try something new.  It didn't go well.  Not life altering but I was a bit disappointed in myself especially the part where I got about halfway through the year before I even remembered to do it. Eep!
     New year, new start! There are plenty of different types of challenges out there to choose from; The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge, the before-it-hits-theaters-and-ruins-the-book challenge, and various other "read the classics" or bloggers challenges to choose from.  I, personally, am going to try Modern Mrs. Darcy's 2017 Reading Challenge again.  I was leery of doing the MMD challenge again this year since I so miserably failed at the 2016 version but she changed it up a bit for 2017 and it feels more doable to me now. 

     MMD's 2017 Challenge has two different options; Reading for Fun or Reading for Growth.  Now I would love to do both and think that I should but let's be honest here-we'll be lucky if one gets accomplished! I decided that this year it wouldn't be just about numbers but about reading new genres and new authors but also just relaxing and enjoying reading. Isn't that the point?
     You can sign up at the link above but it is free-no obligations to anyone but yourself. Plus, you get some fun printables to help you work out what you are going to read ahead of time.   Also, I believe that she will be sending out occasionally Reading Challenge reminder emails which I will probably need. 

Reading for Fun:
     For the Reading for Fun January challenge we are to choose a book we love just for the cover-done! I have been staring at the cover of Alice Hoffman's Faithful for weeks and just loving it
 Isn't it gorgeous?
     I haven't decided on February (a book with a reputation of being un-put-downable) but I am looking into it.  Any suggestions are very welcome!
     The Reading for Growth Challenge looks like this:
     It also looks like fun but I think that I will just stick with my book club to broaden my reading horizons and not put anymore pressures on myself.  I still want reading to be enjoyable, relaxing and fun!

What reading challenge(s) are you doing for 2017?


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