Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My Top Reads of 2015

Below are my favorite books that I read this year, some may have been published many years ago but these are my top rated books from 2015.
A word about my rating system, I use a star rating system on my BookList spreadsheet.  I rate anywhere from 1 star (Did Not Finish/Not Good) to 5 stars (Utter Perfection/No Complaints).  I am rather stingy with my 5 stars so the books below also include some of my 4.5 star ratings (Near Perfection).

Author:                                Title:                            Rating:                            Category:

Sarah Donati                      Into the Wilderness       4.5                               Historical Fiction

Diana Galbaldon               An Echo in the Bone       5                                  Historical Fiction/Outlander #7

Harlan Coben                     The Stranger                    5                                  Mystery/Thriller

Kristen Hannah                 The Nightingale                5                                  Historical Fiction

Christina Lauren               Beautiful Stranger           5                                   Romance/Beautiful Series

Jojo Moyes                         Me Before You               4.5                                 Fiction

Melanie Harlow                 Frenched                        5                                    Romance/Frenched Series #1

H. Cocks & J. Morgan      The Royal We                  5                                    Fiction

Helena Hunting                 Pucked                           4.5                                   Romance/Pucked Series #1

Colleen Hoover                 November 9                  4.5                                   Fiction/New Adult

PD James             Death Comes to Pemberly        4.5                                   Fiction

Alice Clayton                      Nutz                               4.5                                    Romance

Harlan Coben                     Gone for Good             4.5                                    Mystery/Thriller 

As you can see I read many different genres but I was on a bit of a romance kick this year.  I found some really amazing new authors (Helena Hunting, Colleen Hoover) but also enjoyed some old favorites (Harlan Coben, Christina Lauren). Harlan Coben is always a good read for me as I have never not loved a single one of his books!

If I had to pick an absolute favorite/You Must Read This for the year I would recommend for Romance buffs:
 The Frenched Series and Helena Hunting’s Pucked. 

If you are more inclined toward fiction or thrillers:
 Again, Harlan Coben is #1 in my opinion

 Jane Austen fans will love Death Comes to Pemberly, and I have recommended the Outlander series and The Nightingale to everyone I know!

Here’s to an amazing 2016 full of great reads!

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